Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Plugged Back In


I have managed to connect the internet in my bedroom.

Henceforth there shall be no escape from my prolific ramblings.


(One small hitch marred the otherwise flawless process which ensued once I had procured the proper cord. After I had turned on my computer and was about to sign on, a sickening pop accompanied the sudden aroma of melted plastic. Fortunately, my laptop was the source of neither of these concerning phenomena, and it still in perfect working order. The same cannot be said, unfortunately, for my voltage converter and plug adaptor, which was deposited, smoking, in the flower bed outside. I am currently powered by the kindness of almost-strangers, specifically my flatmate Clare (one of the THREE curly-brown-haired girls currently residing in my flat, much to my delight--embrace your curl!), who has lent me her laptop power cord.)


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