Thursday, December 09, 2004


So, here is my solution to the question of how to keep people who want to be updated on my comings and goings satisfied while not flooding e-mail inboxes with my admittedly occassionally verbose prose. At the moment I'm not entirely sure how often I shall have the opportunity to post, which will depend upon the internet availability situation, as well, of course, as the level of busyness which I reach. But hopefully these factors will not combine to prevent relatively frequent updates. I hope you enjoy this tale of my months abroad. Comment if you read it so I know people are checking. And don't forget to keep me updated, perhaps by e-mail, or even, if you're feeling nostalgic, by letter! on what you are up to wherever you are up to it at.

Next time I write, it shall be in the year 2005, thousands of miles distant. Until then...