Thursday, June 16, 2005

Having A Blast in Santorini!

Those of you aware that santorini is an island now half underwater as the result of a volcanis explosion will be able to appreciate this entry's title's little pun. And as this is the last island on our tour of Greece, Kate's expression of hope that we will "go out with a bang" will hopefully not be too literally fulfilled...

But it's true, we two travellers are having a grand old time so far as we explore Europe and revel in the freedom of this time in our lives. Santorini is beautiful, of course--the site of most of the photos you see in the postcards--but really all the islands have had their own unique charm. We started off in Athens, and our boat trip took us to Poseidon's Temple, as well as the quiet island of Kythnos, where we sat in the hot springs and hiked up to a mountaintop village, the rather boisterous island of Syros, where we docked right into a harborside taverna where the patrons partied and smashed beer bottles (apparently) until sunrise, much to the dismay of the lighter sleeprs onboard (trained by my months living up the hill from the drunken revelries at East Slope Bar, I was out like a light from the moment my head hit the pillow), and the island of Paros, which Kate and I grew quite familiar with after several days of crisscrossing by boat, foot, and bus.

I wish I could convey to you the superb randomness of the conjunction of people who travelled together for that week on the boat. Kate's description of it as a game of CLUE approaches the effect. Our skipper topped it off, though--a tanned Greek man who hid behind his sunglasses for most of the trip in stoic silence, but when he did open his mouth it was to let loose either deeply philosophical musings on the nature of life and travel (examples: "There is no such thing as adventure, there is only trouble" "Convenience is always an enemy to learning") of hilarious jokes delivered in a deadpan manner and Greek acent which made them almost unbearably funny, and which no typewritten example could possibly do justice to.

Shoot, once again I've run out of internet time. But more stories shall follow soon, so please stay tuned. I love you all and hope you're well, and can't wait to return home and see those of you I have missed so desperately for the past six months.


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