Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Day Two In London

Well,this time the computer has all its letters, although perhaps that is because it appears to be one of those which is very careful with how it spends those letters and is not willing to relinquish a single one without a fight, which means I have to type with pretty alarming force. So if a letter or two is missing somewhere, you'll know the explanation and forgive, I hope. For insnce, this sentene has been tped without going ack to add the absent letter Silly thing. Anyway, for that reason this will be another brief post. Main exciting highlights of the day today: climb up to the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral, several hours wandering through the Tate Modern Museum, and seeing Noel Coward's Blithe Spirit in a West End theatre. And, generally, just the coolness of getting to do London in the company of the marvelous Kate and Amy.
Yesterday's top moments included a huge and inspiring (Protestant!) Easter service at All Soul's (I've become rather used to the Anglican service by now), and dinner and dessert at this crazily decorated Turkish restaurant. And a good night's sleep at long last. But tomorrow is another big day, and the keyboard is driving me mad, so I shall say good night for now, and further updates later. Love always.


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