Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Almost Done?

Although I still have nearly two months before my flight back to California, there is a definite sense of drawing to a close about this week as I write my final essays to be handed in the day after tomorrow. This weekend my dad, Pam, and Allie fly over to visit for a week, and after an oral exam next Monday I will join them in London for sightseeing and theatre before a tour of Stonehenge and a weekend in Brighton. Then I have a few days to study for my Metaphysics exam, pretty much immediately after which I will depart from the University of Sussex, quite possibly and tragically forever, for a month of exciting adventures across Europe in the company of the Fantastic Fox, visiting such countries as Greece, Switzerland, France, and Scotland. So there is much in store for the next several weeks, after which I will most assuredly be ready to come home and relax amidst family and friends.

It's hard to believe I'll soon be leaving all the people and places I've come to know and love in my semester's stay here. Luckily, I'll get another chance to see the Skeptics folk when Kate and I meet up with them for the week in Taize. But my darling flatmates and pseudo-flatmates, it may be a long time before I ever see again. Alas! I will definitely miss this place...

In another hour I have my final class at Sussex. My essays are at the moment each about 2/3 done, and will be handed in on Thursday. The Brighton Fringe Festival has started up, which is quite exiting! I went to my first Fringe show the other night, entitled Death of A Tomato Salesman, in the company of my Metaphysical Materialist friend Justin. The show itself had potential, I thought--an interesting premise, involving a tomato-obsessed man who, following some unorthodox psychological treatment, went from believing that processed tomatoes (and I do hope, as you read this in your head or aloud to your imaginary friends (or mine...), you are not pronouncing the word, as you might be inclined to do, "tom-ay-toes", but rather, in the proper fashion, as "tom-AH-toes") were the only cure for the selfishness of mankind, to believing that they were, in fact, the original forbidden fruit which had first caused our sinful state. The acting and script were a little rocky, and there was far too much sexual innuendo for my personal tastes, but I count the evening worthwhile for the five-hour-long philosophical discussion the play initiated (rather unsurprisingly, actually, given the company), concerning contemplation on the relative merits of selfishness and selflessness, the concept of inalienable human rights, the criteria of justified belief, the proper meanings of the terms "true", "know", and "exist", and the wisdom or foolishness of various courses of action depending upon one's metaphysical beliefs. Which is, of course, always enjoyable.

That's most of the excitement of the moment. I've posted some more photographs on my parallel page for your viewing pleasure, which you can access, as usual, by clicking on My Photos. These mainly depict various fun group activities I've participated in over the past few weeks, as well as a couple of shots from my recent Creative Drama performance (which went splendidly well, thanks! We had a huge audience, and were really happy with our final performance. It was also quite cool to see what all the other groups had been working on.)

Well, off to work a bit on my essays before my final class (Writing For Theatre), a talk on free will by a famous rabbi, and Bible study this evening. Have I mentioned I'm going to miss this place?


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