Thursday, June 09, 2005

Greek Island "Adventure"

The "adventure" is in quotes because, according to our tourguide, there is no such thing as adventure--there's only trouble. this came out during the first night of our trip boating around Athens, during which he waxed philosophical on many matters concerning travelling over a dinner of various delicious Greek appetizers. We joined the yacht several days ago, along with a Puerto Rican theatre major grad student named Lorraine, a Canadian DNA-analyst named Kathy, and two older Canadian couples--Dan & Connie and Leo & Marylin. All of whom are absoltuely fantastic people. Our skipper, Sotiris, is also fabulous. We've been sailing around the Cyclades over the past few days to superb sunny weather (a bit toasty, but sailing along kicks up a nice cooling breeze) and eating delicious greek foods like tzatziki, gyros, feta cheese, greek salad, eggplant dip, etc. Having a wonderful time, and taking lots of pictures, which I shall try to post when I'm not on such a pricey internet connection. Will also hopefully post more updates and details at that time. much love!


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